Hi, I'm Kevin.

Frontend Developer and Web Designer.
I like to transmit emotions and messages through simple yet elegant designs.

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I'm outgoing and I like to travel to know the world and experience different cultures. I'm relaxed but attentive to details and can be very focused when the situation needs it. I love to work with other people and to know their opinions and what they're thinking. Learning is my passion so I'm always reading to learn new things, and I'm very interested when I hear people talk about a topic I don't know about, no matter what it is! I'm a open minded individual and I know that each person can look a situation from a different perspective.

And now you know a little more about me!

Problem Solver

I'm a pragmatic thinker and I look every situation from different angles.

Team Worker

I like to work in a collaborative environment and share ideas with others.

Quick Learner

I'm quick to pick up new skills and learn new things.


Grupo f0

Designed and developed website for a local photography group who were launching their first photobook. Focused on creating a simple experience to showcase the best aspects of the book and the group as a whole. Visit the site here.

Grupo f0
Image Gallery

Image Gallery

Created a simple responsive Image Gallery mockup. I had to deal with handling http requests. Watch the demo.

Wikipedia Search

A site where you can search for wikipedia articles. I got to know the wikipedia API working with this. Used the framework AngularJS. Watch the demo.

Wikipedia Search
Weather App

Weather App

A web app where you can see the weather based on your location. I used an open weather API. Also I got to experiment with material design guidelines. Watch the demo.

Quote Generator

A random quote generator created using the AngularJS framework and getting the content from a API. Watch the demo.

Quote Generator

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+58 4244942969


Valencia, VE